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Royal Ahold has had to restate the sales numbers for 2001 and 2002 that it issued just last Friday, saying those figures contained "typing errors." prompting another correction.

In 2001, Ahold's sales were 54.40 billion euros, or $63.7 billion (US); on Friday, it had said sales were 54.04 billion euros, a difference of 356 million euros, or $417 million (US). (The error was in the number given in Ahold's South American sales.)

Ahold also said that it understated 2002 sales in Europe by 40 million euros, or $47 million (US), though its total 2002 sales figure of 62.9 billion euros, or $73.6 billion, was correct.
KC's View:
Got that straight now?

This is just what Ahold needed. We suspect heads will roll.