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The Los Angeles Times reports this morning on how fast food restaurants, looking to “broaden the customer base to include more women and to regain the growing number of consumers who have defected to so-called fast-casual restaurants,” are expanding their salad offerings.

Fast food feeders such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr. and Jack in the Box all have developed new premium salad lines as a response to concerns that traditional burger-and-fries offerings have put them out of touch with modern nutritional concerns.

In addition, these salads offer the fast food chains a line of defense against charges that they are single-handedly making the nation obese, a defense that they may need both in the court of public opinion as well as in the judicial system.
KC's View:
And, these salads provide consumers with yet another reason not to go to the supermarket.

Considering how popular prepared, bagged salads have been in supermarkets, it is amazing it took this long for the fast food chains to catch on…which suggests that it isn’t difficult to stay ahead of them in matters such as these.

Still, supermarkets and convenience stores have to be aggressive in being innovative in areas of nutrition and product selection.