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And it’s only Wednesday…

In response to our story yesterday about the so-called “CNN effect” that retailers said was causing consumers to stay home and watch the war in Iraq on TV rather than being out shopping, one MNB user sent us the following email:

“I love retailers because they always have an excuse for low sales, but the excuse is never poor execution, or poor merchandising on their part.

“I can't help but laugh when retailers suggest that "bad weather" hurt sales. Especially in the Northeast. When they have bad winters, they complain that no one is coming in the stores. When they have mild winters, they complain that people aren't buying snow shovels, brushes, sweaters, etc. But it is always the weather's fault.

“Now we hear that CNN is having a negative effect on sales. C'mon! If people stay in the house to watch the Super Bowl, and Albertsons issues a press release that this will be their highest sales day for snack foods, wouldn't the same hold
true for people who are staying in to watch the war? Wouldn't people need to eat more while they are in the house, as opposed to going to restaurants?

“Just once, I'd love a retailer to say that sales were below expectations because ‘we just aren't as good at retailing as we thought we were.’”

Now that would be a press release…
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