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The New York Times reports that despite recent warnings that the US would present a legal challenge to the European Union's four-year old ban on genetically modified food, the Bush administration has decided not to press the case at this time.

The reason: a lawsuit against the EU would manage to antagonize the very nations that the US is trying to get to support it on the issue of whether to invade Iraq.

However, US trade representative Robert B. Zoellick told the NYT that US could change its mind and go ahead with a suit, and he reiterated his position that GM food could help alleviate starvation.
KC's View:
The best part of this story is the fact that this is exactly what we recommended a couple of weeks ago. After all, why alienate the very people you're hoping will support you?

The war against Iraq and terrorism seems to us as a lot more important that the conflict over GMOs…