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The Indianapolis Star reports that Marsh Supermarkets will continue to expand its O’Malia Food Markets specialty store division even beyond the two Mr. D’s stores it bought last week and will be converting to the O’Malia’s banner.

According to the paper, Marsh sees the O’Malia’s expansion as a key to its survival in a highly competitive marketplace in which there are a lot of familiar names: Wal-Mart Supercenters, Super Kmarts, Super Targets, Kroger, Aldi, Costco and Sam's Club.
KC's View:
Smart move. We also like the way the paper positioned it: in a big box market, Marsh has a little-box way of thinking.

Makes sense for the company to invest in stores and approaches that veer away from what Wal-Mart and its brethren do, rather than try to compete on the same territory.

It also makes us think even more that it won’t be long before Marsh returns to the notion of e-commerce, which it decided to abandon just a few days ago. All it will take is for someone to come with the company with an economically viable plan that appeals to both its bottom line and its imagination…