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This week, MNB continues the a new contest that will run over the next few weeks: “The BIG IDEA Beat,” in which the thought-leaders that make up the MNB community have the opportunity to share their perspectives on critical issues facing the industry and win a signed copy of Agentry Agenda: Selling Food in a Frictionless Marketplace by Glen Terbeek.

Each week, we will offer both a Premise and a Challenge to MNB users. The Premise will seek to state either a fact of life for the food industry as it currently exists, or a trend that seems to be developing as retailers and manufacturers seek a better way of conducting business.

Your Challenge will be to respond by identifying the best ideas and examples that typify where the industry ought to be heading.

Your entry should be sent to

“The BIG Idea Beat” contest will be featured each Monday, and repeated Tuesday and Wednesday…answers must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday. Winners will be picked and featured on MNB by Friday. Some weeks there may be single winner…other weeks, there could be multiple winners. Selection of the winners will be solely at the discretion of Glen Terbeek and MNB Content Guy Kevin Coupe.

Week Two:

Thought-leaders in the food industry recognize that logistics should not be the driving force behind supermarket operations, and that consumer-focused marketing is the new differentiating competitive advantage. Often, these thought-leaders come from the independent sector, where retailers are not encumbered by logistics-driven infrastructures.

What is the best example of a retailer that has used marketing to drive consumer-focused innovation at store level? Be specific about the company, the goal that was set out, and how it was achieved. Think in terms of organization and measurement issues that allow innovation to happen (and avoid the pitfalls that often prevent innovation).
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