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The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Home Depot is examining ways it can reposition its Expo Design Center format to make it more affordable to more consumers without losing the cachet that it brings to the marketplace.

Expo traditionally has served homeowners looking to do a major remodel to kitchens or bathrooms, but because of the weak economy, such projects have been happening with less frequency.

Changes in the product mix will include stocking small appliances and cookware.

While Home Depot has slowed the roll-out of the format, it also was faced with a decision as to whether it should reposition the format or just wait for the economy to turn around.

Apparently, waiting wasn’t an option.
KC's View:
Not a food-specific story, but a good example of how some companies are working to adjust to trying economic times.

Expo is like Disneyland for people looking to do a home remodel, but for many of us it seemed way out of our price range. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the changes are real and how many are cosmetic.