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  • reported that net sales for the fiscal year 2002 reached $194 million, a $48.7 million or 33 percent increase over fiscal year 2001. Gross profit dollars for the year grew to $38.3 million or 19.8% percent of net sales, up $13.8 million from the prior year. the company’s net loss for the fiscal year ending 2002 improved to $50.3 million, down from a loss of $283 million in 2001.

  • McKesson Corp. reported net income of $134.3 million for the third quarter ended Dec. 31, up from $108.8 million in the year-earlier period. Revenue rose 13% to $14.92 billion from $13.19 billion. The company said its pharmaceutical revenue increased 14% to $13.93 billion, and operating profit climb 20% to $241 million.

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