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One of the things that people often say when they’re endeavoring to lose weight is that they are confused about which plan to follow -- that there are so many options to choose from that there tends to be what is often referred to as “paralysis by analysis.”

In the January/February 2003 edition of Rodale’s Men’s Health, there is an article, “Slimming Lessons,” that suggests that there “are some surprising ways in which nutrition science is remarkably clear and straightforward.” Among them:

  • To lose weight, you must cut calories.

  • The best food for appetite reduction is whey.

  • Meat kills fat.

  • Fried foods are a bad idea. Always.

  • Fiber is a good idea. Always.

You can find this article on page 91 of the magazine, on newsstands now.
KC's View:
Because retailers are on the front lines of where, how and why people buy food, it makes sense for retailers to endeavor to help consumers understand the realities and myths that surround the science of losing weight. Using articles like this one, and others that appear in many Rodale publications, as a basis for talking to consumers about smart ideas for their diets, is simply a good idea.