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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched a global boycott of KFC, according to The New York Times, as it seeks “improvement in the lives and deaths of 700 million chickens who become the chain's fried meals every year.”

The NYT notes that while PETA has launched boycotts before, successfully winning concessions from fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s, this is the first time it has gone global with its efforts.

And, it is going after KFC at a time when many fast food companies are suffering from declining sales, making them even more vulnerable to image and financial attack.

KFC has responded to the boycott with a prepared statement saying that it “is committed to the well being and humane treatment of chickens and we require all of our suppliers to follow welfare guidelines developed by us with leading experts on our Animal Welfare Advisory Council.”
KC's View:
Let’s face it. PETA may say it is looking for humane treatment of animals that are to be slaughtered for food, but it really doesn’t want them to be slaughtered at all. We don’t object to humanitarian objectives, or to animal rights as a concept.

What we do object to is a fringe, radical group that attempts to demonize people and companies as it pursues its own agenda.