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    Twas the week before Christmas
    And Kmart was worried
    If business didn’t get better
    The chain would get buried.

    The execs were all straining
    For concepts to startle
    Their message to shoppers
    They knew needed to sparkle.

    Then one of them shouted,
    We don’t know which one,
    “Let’s keep the stores open,
    We’ll make a great run.”

    “For 110 hours,
    Starting this Friday
    We’ll keep the stores open
    It’ll be crazy, not tidy.”

    Nobody would argue
    With this concept so mad
    Quite frankly, at headquarters.
    They knew all else had gone bad.

    So they opened the stores
    And collectively held their breath
    Knowing if it did not work
    It’d be Kmart’s certain death.
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