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The Washington Post reports a new study suggests that immigrants to the United States are an increasingly critical part of the labor force, accounting for half of new employees during the past decade.

The study, conducted by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, says that 80 percent of new male workers in the past decade were immigrants who arrived during that time,
KC's View:
The interesting thing is that there is a climate of anti-immigration that exists in the Us at the present time, largely because of concerns about terrorism and open borders that can leave this country vulnerable to attack. And yet, this study clearly suggests that to close US borders is to shut off much of the labor force that drives the nation’s industries.

Not an easy decision to make…but it illustrates how none of these kinds of determinations can be made in a vacuum.

It also suggests how important it is for employers to invest in the education of their employees, teaching them how to speak English and how to survive in what to them is a foreign culture. Providing such an education will be a cost of doing business.