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In Canada, Loblaw president John Lederer, has outlined the company’s strategy for short-term growth, including:

•Expanding beyond its core food business into a broader nonfoods selection, including linens and small appliances.

•Growing the company’s President’s Choice private label nonfoods line.

•Emphasizing the instore pharmacy business.

And in the UK, Sainsbury reportedly will expand its range of nonfood products in an attempt to 's to expand non-food range in attempt to be more competitive with Tesco and Wal-Mart’s Asda Group. While food will remain the company’s priority, it has said it will use a judicious nonfood offering to entice shoppers and build transaction size.
KC's View:
Seems to us that these decisions get the companies into a dangerous area, because these strategies seem to embrace the other guy’s way of doing things. The question will be whether Loblaw and Sainsbury can bring a new sensibility to a nonfood offering, or whether it will be merely “me, too” in nature.