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Did you know…

  • That soon will be selling clothing from Gap, Old Navy, Lands’ End and Nordstrom on its site? The affiliation will expose Amazon customers to the retailers’ catalogs while allowing shoppers to include purchases from the companies in their online shopping baskets while at

  • That Gristedes Food Co. will open five new supermarkets in Manhattan and one new store in the Bronx, over the next few months? Three are former A&P Food Emporium stores that have been closed for some time.

  • That Transora, the consumer packaged goods industry business-to-business exchange and GlobalNetXchange, the B2B marketplace for retailers, have developed an alliance to jointly develop, market and sell data synchronization services that meet the combined needs of manufacturers and retailers? According to a statement released by the exchanges, these new services will be developed according to guidelines developed by the Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) and Global Standards Management Process (GSMP). GNX retailers will access core product data from multiple manufacturers via the Transora Data Catalogue to synchronize with their own internal systems, while the two exchanges will work together to “define, develop and implement an interoperable solution that supports retailer-specific data attributes within a machine-to-machine environment.”

  • That Wal-Mart’s Asda Group in the UK will fuel some of its trucks using the waste products from frying pans and used cooking oil? As of January, some of the company’s trucks will carry the following sign: “This vehicle is powered by chicken fat.”

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