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The Hartford Courant reports that in Newington, Connecticut, Krispy Kreme is raising more than just yeast. It also is raising the hackles of its neighbors.

One week after opening, the thousands of people who have flocked to the new store have caused numerous traffic accidents, clogged local parking lots (because the store’s lot is always full), required extra police and traffic enforcement costs, and even jammed up the local streets and a nearby highway.

Local officials are watching the situation “very carefully.”
KC's View:
One assumes that they’re watching it while sipping on coffee and munching on a glazed doughnut,..

Incidentally, we got an interesting email from Krispy Kreme over the weekend that invited us to go to its site, and register our preferences about new featured doughnut flavors and names that it plans to introduce.

The one that made our mouth water: a “yeast raised doughnut with key lime pie filling, topped with cream cheese icing and graham cracker crunch” topping.


Not only is this a great sounding doughnut, but also it’s a great way to build anticipation among the company’s legion of fans. No wonder traffic gets backed up.