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There are reports from Lebensmittel Zeitung that Wal-Mart’s German operation is facing problems developing a stable and motivated management team, with as many as 30 percent of its store level managers looking for other employment. The company’s competition reports that they are receiving a plethora of applications from folks who are listing Wal-Mart under “current employer.”

Analysts say that the uncertainty in the ranks seems to be a reflection of Wal-Mart’s inability to get traction in the German market, which is leading to a tendency to shift gears without knowing which direction it is taking.
KC's View:
This is unfamiliar territory for Wal-Mart, which is perhaps why the company seems not to have as strong a sense of direction as it usually does.

We suppose that in all likelihood, Wal-Mart will keep sinking cash into Germany until it gets things right. There doesn’t seem to be another alternative that Wal-Mart would consider.