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Reactions to California’s passage of a comprehensive paid family leave law included this email from one MNB user:

“I think paid family leave is win-win for all.

1. It is financed by payroll taxes, not the employer.
2. Gives employees an alternative to seeking help to care for a loved one.
3. Less stress for employees needing to take care of loved ones.

“My wife had a hysterectomy recently. My employer was gracious enough to let me work at home during her recovery time. Not every employer, or employment situation, is like mine. And, not all families have extended family members close by to help. Sure, it only pays 55% of one's salary, but paid family leave is not intended to let someone take an extended vacation. It does give a worker (and management) the option to take care of a loved one, and not take a complete hit on losing their salary.”

And we got a bunch of emails responding to our story about the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) opposing any increase in the minimum wage.

MNB user MacKenzie Malcolm wrote:

“I've been following this for years, first as a restaurant manager, then as a graduate student, and finally now, in my current capacity as a corporate food service contract manager.

“The food service industry does itself a huge disservice by opposing efforts to raise the minimum wage. If profit margins are "razor thin", or if small businesses "can't afford" to pay workers a decent wage, then they shouldn't be around. Raising prices may cause current shoppers to purchase less (which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing considering the number of Americans who are overweight!), but low-wage workers who get a little earnings boost can buy a little more. I think it evens out.

“I find these lobbyists to be hugely insensitive to the legions of low-wage retail workers who have to deal with the public, with a smile, every day. Don't get me wrong - I am by no means a "redistribution of wealth" type of person. But $6.65 an hour? That's peanuts! Give me a break.”

And on that note, we’re outta here.

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