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A note from Ireland, where we continue to be on location for a Japanese video documentary that includes footage about Superquinn.

We mentioned in yesterday’s Sports Desk piece the score of the Gaelic Football championship that was played on Sunday, but we haven’t been able to get the game out of our mind. There are lots of reasons, including the fact that it was an amateur contest (no labor negotiations here that might threaten a strike) and that the win by a clear underdog just seemed to generate a lot of joy around the country (except in Kerry, home to the losing team).

But the game itself was intriguing. It was incredibly fast-paced, played with a round ball on a field that looks like an American football field. The players move the ball from end to end by kicking it, throwing it, doing virtually anything to keep it from slowing and stopping. And that struck us as a pretty good metaphor for how to be a retailer these days, especially if you’re anyone other than Wal-Mart.

You have to keep the ball moving, to keep kicking it in directions that the opposition won’t expect, to keep the opponent off balance and out of breath. And while that’s hard when you’re over-matched, it’s necessary if you want to stay in business. Hell, it may be the only way to stay in business…no matter what your business.

Find Gaelic football on ESPN and see what we mean.

We’ll have more from Ireland tomorrow…
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