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Wal-Mart’s Asda group in the UK has said that it will specifically recruit temporary employees age 50 and older for the upcoming holiday season.

Asda estimates that it will hire about 39 temporary people per store – or about 10,000 people in the entire UK. Roughly a third of these jobs are expected to be offered to “older citizens.”
KC's View:
Frankly, we find it incredibly offensive that Asda is defining people over 50 as “older citizens.”

Geez…we think that you don’t get to be middle aged until you’re 60.

However, other than this absurd definition of “older,” we think this is a smart move by Asda, and one that we’ll probably see replicated by other companies in other countries…especially in the current economy, as many of these older folks have lost their retirement savings in the declining stock market.